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25.02.2019. Brussels, BELGIUM

Lecture: Galeazzo Sabbatini and the Divided Accompaniment.
Later basso continuo practice tends to take a four-part chordal approach in which the left hand mostly sticks to the bass part. However, in earlier keyboard intavolaturas, we see accompaniments with a more even distribution of voices among both hands. What we find in the intavolaturas is consistent with the basso continuo treatise of Galeazzo Sabbatini (1600–1657), the first document of its kind to discuss how voices are distributed among the hands. By examining Sabbatini’s work as well as other contemporary examples, Maria Gonzalez will show that divided accompaniment was indeed a well-established practice.
Concert : Maria Gonzalez, Jan De Winne, Christophe Robert, Peter Van Heyghen, members of il Gardellino, and students of the Hipp department
Works by Veracini, Tartini and others.